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Creative Marketing Services Limited

From time to time, every charity needs to recruit staff and finding the best prospective staff usually involves advertising for them.

But which media should you use?
Will local press work best, or national, or a magazine, or online, or posters or radio?
What should the advertisement say?
How much will the space cost?
How do I make the ad stand out and look professional?
What are deadlines involved?

To avoid all these problems and to ensure you get best value from your recruitment advertising, The Charities Buying Group approved supplier Creative Marketing Services, one of the UK’s top recruitment and brand management advertising agencies is available to you. The service is designed to take all the worry and complexity out of recruitment advertising and ensure you get a uniform professional approach and the most cost effective solution.

Faced with this huge choice, which media should you use?. Local newspapers and some online media continue to be the most effective way to advertise for almost any position. You probably already know which one is the most effective in your area. But if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask CMS for free and impartial advice. They have very detailed media statistics at their fingertips and are always ready to help.

CMS can advise you on the best most cost-effective media to use and its deadlines. In any event, CMS will confirm the cost of your advertisement before you’re committed. They will also seek charity discount where it is available and pass the whole discount back to you

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