Abena makes it easy! Our one-stop shop.

We have thousands of products available in our range to approach almost any challenge from multiple angles. This allows us to act as a one-stop-shop for most of you.


Abena is a big one-stop-shop filled with all the products needed to surround the end-user with an unrivalled caring solution. Therefore, we are a trusted partner for nursing homes and hospitals in many countries.

Our assortment primarily revolves around incontinence and health care products but also includes a wide range of disposables, protective wear, skin care, gloves, waste management, food service, paper and cleaning supplies.

Our one-stop-shop is taken even further - Abena also delivers a wide range of other disposables such as hotel supplies, coffee cups and table settings to restaurants, cafés, hotels and schools. Our customers also include nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, end-consumers and a range of businesses operating in various related industries. We are also proud to work in partnership with the NHS to help deliver excellence in continence care.

Our Healthcare concepts:
Abena is not just another company pumping basic products into the markets. Supplying our customers with a flexible and individual product assortment, Abena’s healthcare range adapts to local market needs. The foundation is a strong own production coupled with a huge global sourcing network.

Our None Healthcare concepts:
Our core competencies are within health care products, but we also use our expertise to source other quality consumer products too. The Abena traded goods portfolio include paper products such as toilet rolls, couch rolls and hand towels; and disposable products ranging from tableware disposables to professional catering lines.

Our promise to health care buyers, staff and end-users is the same: Abena will make life easier and doing business with us will always be a positive experience.

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