Marketing Options


The Charities Buying Group has a membership in excess of 11,000 member locations across the UK. Our database can be used to reach out to our membership audience. Marketing is the key in any business, you need to be seen out there.

A number of marketing choices are available to you

Homepage Buttons

To promote our company you can choose to take a homepage button, linked to your page for a 12 month period.


Costs          £495.00                                 £445.00

We publish our e-news every month, distributed to over 8,000 key email addresses within our membership, with our membership growing each month, this will continue to expand.

To view a sample copy of the E-News we issue 

Advertising rates and sample formats are


Box Top of Page                     Box Upper                              Box Lower                             

Quantity Box Top of Page Box Upper Box Lower
Number of Issues Price Price Price
01 £235.00 £185.00 £145.00
02 £374.00 £314.00 £265.00
03 £504.00 £424.00 £340.00
06 £810.00 £680.00 £535.00
12 £1,400.00 N/A £900.00
All values plus VAT      

To order please download the order form and complete with your choices, then email to

Upon receipt we will confirm your order and request copy for inclusion in the e-news.

Please select to order -

Should you wish to be included in any of our marketing options please email the CBG direct