Recruitment Advertising

What’s the most cost effective way to recruit staff?

Should you advertise in newspapers? Or online sites? Or use social networking? Where can you find the right people fast and not pay the earth in the process?

The CMS/Charities Buying Group Recruitment Advertising Service was set up to make life easier for you and provides all charities with the professional speedy and cost effective service that the very big charities are used to.

Our partner in this is Creative Marketing Services - or CMS for short - who have thirty years experience in the advertising and marketing for the charity sector. The first point to emphasise is that CMS is not a search agency and there are no salary linked fees. Their fees to you will be the same as if you went to the media directly. They earn a commission on the media space booked on your behalf (becuase they are a nationally recognised advertising agency). In exchange for them earning this they will provide you with fast free advice and produce the artwork for any print ad free or handle the uploading of an online ad free, so this really is a significant member benefit.

Which media should you use?

Just tell them who you are seeking to recruit and in which area and CMS will advise you on the best media (print or online)negotiate rates, get charity discount where it exists, and come back to you quickly with the costs, dates and all the other information you need. Approve that and they take care of everything. The whole process will have taken probably just six working hours. You can now relax and wait for the response to come in. CMS with invoice you after the ads have appeared at the rates you agreed.

Online or print?

Both have strengths and weaknesses. Online ads tend to only reach the active job seekers. Maybe the person you want needs ‘tempting’ to change jobs to you. If so, you might not find them avidly scouring the websites. Websites reach people faster but you have to watch how you phrase a job title otherwise people will not be searching for your term and not find it. Print ads enable you to show logos and your ad will be seen by a lot more people than those who might be eligible to apply. In other words the ad will also be noticed by past present and future staff, clients, families, volunteers, suppliers and public figures so it’s a chance to influence all these groups, not just the people who might apply.

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