Green Energy

What does it mean to be a 'green' charity?

Becoming a green energy user begins with getting your energy supply from renewable sources, such as wind power. But it doesn't end there. It means using your energy in a more responsible, less wasteful way to cut your overall energy use. And it means allowing environmental concerns to shape the way you do business.

It's not just good to be's good business too

Here's the good news: saving energy and cutting your carbon emissions isn't just good environmental practice,  it's good business practice. Simple energy efficiency measures could cut your energy bill by 10-20 per cent.

Turn your energy supply green

Green Energy provided through the Charity Utility Initiative offers you an electricity supply from environmentally responsible sources. This means your supply will come from a mix of renewable sources.

What does 'renewable' energy mean?

Renewable sources don't involve the burning of fossil fuels, which produces harmful emissions. In particular, CO2 emissions (known to be a factor in climate change) are eliminated. So with Green Choice, you can be sure you have an environmentally responsible energy solution.

Renewable energy can be generated from a variety of non-fossil fuel sources that occur naturally. These include wind, hydro and solar photovoltaics. In theory, the energy supply is infinite.

Other forms of renewable electricity have similar benefits but do involve some combustion to convert energy into electricity. These include biomass, landfill gas and energy from waste.