Fuel Labelling

Where does your electricity come from?

In 2005, new legislation was introduced by Ofgem, the Government's energy regulator, making it compulsory for energy providers to show exactly where their supplies come from.

Known as 'fuel labelling', the system works in a similar way to the energy ratings already given to household fridges and washing machines. The result has been to improve openness between suppliers and their customers.

UK charities can now make a more informed decision when choosing us as their energy provider.

Environmental Impact

C02 emissions (g/kWh) 319.63 0 200 460
Radioactive waste (g/kWh) 0.0030 0 0 0.0025
Rounding and calculation - figures have been calculated and rounded according to the guidelines supplied by Ofgem

Please note: The environmental impact information is calculated on the basis of figures provided by the DTI. For more information, please visit the DTI website.

An exceptional fuel mix

As the UK's leading independent supplier of business electricity, we're proud of our fuel mix. We have been officially confirmed as providing an exceptional 10% of our supply from renewable energy sources.

This compares favourably with the major suppliers in the UK whose proportion of green energy supply is rated at between just 0.4 and 7.5%. BizzEnergy's renewable energy supply is two and a half times the national average for suppliers within Great Britain.