Smart Meters to manage and reduce electricity and gas consumption

Smart meters are programmed to send meter reads to our data centre every 30 minutes. This data is then used to generate accurate billing and utility efficiency reports.

Utility Efficiency Management reports are really easy to understand and clearly highlight usage abnormalities and identify wastage.

Once you have a smart meter, your bills are no longer estimated, but based on actual, real data

OurI  'smart metering' service includes tendering, invoice validation, tariff analysis and dedication via quarterly reporting to reducing usage across all three utilities via a unique low cost partnership

Your reports come every month or quarter and help to determine where you are spending money on utilities when you shouldn't be

There are no leases for equipment to sign, and any paperwork is kept to an absolute minimum.

You can start saving money within 60 days

You could save between 5% and 25 % on annual utility expenditure. (Source )

Reduce your carbon footprint

Remove the need to validate invoices

Remove the risk of running a debit or credit with suppliers.

Receive accurate billing from utility suppliers based on correct consumption figures.

Reduce overall operating costs in the short, medium and long term.

Develop an ethical and sustainable energy usage policy.